Nam-Bong Baek
Frost Profile
Hangul 백 남 봉
Alias Professor Frost

Gender Male
Age 35
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White (current)

Brown (Original)

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Pavlov (Pet)

Professional Status
Occupation Psychology Professor


Affiliation Yong-Gang University

Psychology Department
Counseling Office
Bar Mirror

Manhwa Chapter 1

Nam-Bong Baek (Baek Nam-Bong, 백 남 봉)  or Professor Frost as he is usually called, is a genius psychologist and was one of Professor Cheon's former students. He is currently a psychology professor and counselor at Yong-Gang University.

His first appearance was on prologue of Dr. Frost manhwa.


Dr. Frost is a svelte, tall man in his mid-thirties with pale dewy skin and thick fluffy, spiky, wavy white neck-length hair, but it is depicted that his hair was originally brown and he isn't an albino. He has a big scar on the top right of his forehead, hidden by his bushy bangs. He has a large bang usually between his eyes. His eyes are maroon or an intense dark brown. He is shown to be handsome and girls who see him always mention it.

He is seen wearing his bartender uniform in the bar which consists of a long sleeved white button up shirt, grey pants, a navel-length red vest and a name tag which says 'Frost'. He usual outfit consists of a black blazer with a beige vest and dark blue button up shirt.


  • He described himself to be without emotions, supposedly due to having a partial emotional paralysis state in his mind. Frost is full of passion whenever it is regarding a patient he finds intriguing. He tends to behave aloof and distant, yet strict and concerned to his assistant's actions.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Frost has a very high and keen sense of observation towards putting together the full picture for the patient he is currently counseling. He also has a tendency to brag when no one notices.

erNavigation and Observationgic.'

To Ms. Yoon

"These bookshelves are bothering me too. They could intimidate the clients."

To Ms. Yoon about the books stocked in the bookshelf.


  • He is bad at navigation.
  • He owns a white puppy whom he named Pavlov
  • His frontal lobe, which controls emotions is damaged
  • His father figure was Professor Chun.
  • He was friends with Moon.
  • When doing research, he opens lots of books of a certain topic, places it open in front of him and reads through all them.
  • His actions show that he cares.
  • He is rarely surprised
  • He is not an albino
  • He was partners with Professor Seon Song
  • He has many similarities to Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock:
  • They both have brown hair
  • They both are great that deduction and psychology
  • They both are people who are said to not enjoy anyone's company
  • They both do impulsive things which surprise others.
  • They both get 'bored' easily
  • They can seem rude to others

Gallery Edit


In Dr. Frost Ten Days Of Shy Mr. Yeon, Dr. Frost leaves for an academic business trip. He stops walking and remembers that he has no sense of direction and needs coordinates in order to reach his destination.