Jeong-Hyuk Oh

Gender Male
Age 33
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Professional Status
Occupation Business Man
Affiliation San -Dong Pharmaceuticals

Manhwa Chapter 1

Jeong-Hyuk Oh (Oh Jeong-Hyuk) is Professor Frost's first patient at Yong-Gang University.


Jeong-Hyuk is a man in his early thirties with black eyes and short black hair. Aside from his fancy job and pretty well-off life, Jeong-Hyuk is average in many ways. He has an average height and build for a man of his age and has average looks. He is a respected worker in San-Dong Pharmaceuticals and therefor dresses accordingly.


Jeong-Hyuk is very confident about himself and is proud with how he is.





  • The pin number to his apartment is the date of his mother's death.
  • He keeps an album of all the girls he has dated.
  • He organized the pictures according to date and colour coded the section of the girls he dated respectively.

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